CT 星河泰坦


A Sport Motorbike with Futuristic Appearance
and Cutting-Edge Performance

最高续航 170-180km



SOCO integrated power integration system

  • 大功率中置电机

    18kw峰值功率 71N.m最大扭矩,性能媲美250cc燃油摩托车

    18KW 71N.m peak torque high-power mid-mounted motor, powerful
    performance comparable to 250cc motorcycle;

  • FOC控制器


    Chain-loaded FOC intelligent vector controller to ensure high-efficiency
    power output, precise traction control, stable power.

  • 强制风冷


    The three-speed automatic adjustment air cooling system intelligently
    solves the heat dissipation problem of high-power motors, ensures the
    stability of the vehicle’s operation, and provides the rider with a superior driving control experience.



CT Titan is equipped with a 72V100Ah large-capacity smart soft-pack lithium battery. Using high-end automotive-grade lithium batteries provides abundant power performance while ensuring safe and stable energy output. Fully charge the battery in the fast-charging mode in only 3 hours.

  • 精准制动,驾驭不凡


    The front and rear wheel ABS braking system is matched with dual caliper disc brakes, which instantly stabilizes the rider
    when braking

  • 不颠簸,才突破


    The front wheels are equipped with hydraulic damping shock absorbers,and the rear
    wheels areequipped with nitrogen hydraulic damping double reduction. These shock
    absorbers ensure smooth riding on all kinds of terrain.

  • 电池前置


    The fron t and rear weight ratio of the overall body is 50:50 to ensure perfect stability.

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整车体型庞大气场锐利,极简又棱角分明的线条搭配 190KG重量级车身,令骑士热血澎湃,释放无限运动潜能

The 190 kg vehicle looks bold and sharp. The minimalistic and angular lines reflect its masculinity and unlimited sporting potential.


严选高端真皮材质,搭配精美刺绣,贴心配备后座扶手,动感十足又不失温度豪华 舒适坐垫,增加腰部支撑的同时让品味体现在每一个细节

Strictly selected high-end leather materials, exquisite embroidery, intimate rear seat armrest, full of movement without losing temperature, luxurious and comfortable cushion, increasing lumbar support and reflecting taste in every detail.



The well-designed headlights add boldness to the front face of the vehicle.


  • "双翼"驭气流


    The double-sided spoiler design in line with the aerodynamic characteristics reduces the wind resistance of high-speed driving and keeps the vehicle stable. Minimalistic aesthetic lines make a sleek visual impact. The rider is able to rely on the "double wings" to control vehicle stability.

  • 踏板


    The footboard design is in line with ergonomics and large space. At the same time, the rear seat is equipped with transparent pedals, which are safe, comfortable, and effort-saving. Share the ride without any worries.

  • 人性化储物空间


    Exclusive large storage space, where you can fit a full-face helmet.


Only when you have a sense of "wisdom" can you feel the texture

  • 机型
  • CT3
  • CT2
  • CT1
  • 最高时速
  • 125 km/h
  • 90 km/h
  • 90 km/h
  • 最大续航
  • 单电 180km(等速法45km/h)
  • 双电 140km(等速法45km/h)
  • 双电 140km(等速法45km/h)
  • 0-50km/h加速
  • 2.5s
  • 6.37s
  • 6.37s
  • 充电时间
  • 3h
  • 3.5h/单组
  • 3.5h/单组
  • 电池容量
  • 72V100Ah (单电)
  • 60V45Ah*2 (双电并联)
  • 60V45Ah*2 (双电并联)
  • 峰值功率
  • 18000W
  • 6000W
  • 6000W
  • 电机
  • 中置电机
  • 中置电机
  • 中置电机
  • 制动
  • 前后轮双ABS碟刹
  • 前后轮双ABS碟刹
  • CBS碟刹