Front camera
Record the world, record you

Heightened Retro Handlebar,Broad and Thick Coffee Cushion,Classic Round Lamp
Retro-style Round Instrument,Perfect Streamline

Record during driving

One press control, videoing or picturing
as you wish.

HD night view

high light-sensitive image sensor, easily get clear
night view Emergency.


internal fixed G-sensor, autolock and previous
data not be covered, keep evidence.

One press sharing

Built-in WiFi helps share cool and
funny in real time via APP.

* Accessories (includes FRONT CAMERA) listed
above not included in above quotatoin.

Eyes of Wisdom Intelligent light sensing head light

Symmetrical U Design, integrated daylight and indicators. Hidden LED head light (high beam and low beam included). With hot runner system work instruction, get perfect dust proof and waterproof performance. Matrix LED beads Carve the shape of light, flash the charm of wisdom.

* 1 CD is approximately equal to one candle
  • 29000cd*

    High beam brightness

  • 13480cd

    Low beam brightness

  • 75m

    Radiation distance

Wings of Flying
Inline wing type tail light Inline

SInline highlight LED,All-in-one light (Position light, turning indicators
and braking light) integrated into one light with a sense of sharp,
Inimitable symbol of identification.

VA (Vertical Alignment) Intelligent high light display

VA (Vertical Alignment) multiple function display, self-adjust with light sensing 150° wide-angle visible clearly,
Self-inspection on initiation, safe riding.

  • Speed

  • Battery

  • Intelligent
    light sense

  • Cruise

  • Parking

  • Error

Digital Touch Switch

Comfortable touching
Multiple functions buttons
Higher stability

Multiple functions battery case

Human friendly design, Smart isolated space for battery and storage.
Exclusive buckle for charger connector, prevent damage on power cable.

Space for storage
Battery compartment
Plug slot