Precise positioning, stable communication
ECU, Generation 3, Intelligent brain

Self-developed BMOS V3.0 intelligent communication system
Bikers and Bikes connected on Clouds

  • Stable data transmission
  • OTA function – remote upgrade
  • Quick GPS positioning
  • picture1-1

    Data collection

  • picture1-2

    Data processing

  • picture1-3

    Customer feedback

Intelligent life

Intelligent Vehicle inspection,
Real-time location,drive tracking
Synchronizes the battery info. automatically
Intelligent riding play in your own way

* SOCO APP is available subject to countries

  • picture2-1

    Intelligent vehicle inspection

  • picture2-2

    Real-time location

  • picture2-3

    Drive tracking

  • picture2-1

    Driving data

  • picture2-2

    After-sale information

  • picture2-3

    Riders interaction

High energy efficiency

Intelligent BMS (battery management system), prescise SOC.
Multi-protections for battery
SOCO APP synchronizes the battery info automatically
Planning your trip reasonable

  • picture3-1

    Over-discharge protection

  • picture3-2

    Over-charg protection

  • picture3-3

    Over-current protection

  • picture3-4

    Short-circuit protection

  • picture3-5

    Temperature protection

  • picture3-6

    Battery equalization

Remote control

Integrated electronically unlocking for seat

picture4-1 picture4-2 picture4-3 picture4-4

Keyless Go

Integrated keyless with mechanical lock


USB port

Mobile phone charging is more convenient

Easy riding CCS cruise system

Mobile phone charging is more convenient

  • Set with one press
  • Operate conveniently
  • Easy riding
  • saving energy