Big capacity, Higher security
New generation PACK solution

Honeycomb structure design with performance of geometric mechanics.
Cell layout in molecular structure.
Cell distance is safe and proper.
New thermal technology, better cell performance.

Small size, big power
Exclusive CU customized lithium
battery pack

Elegant and practical (SOC indicated).
Weight 10.5kg (light and portable)
Max.range 75km
(Tested on flat road,rider weight 75kg,average
riding speed 45km/h,temperture 26℃)

  • 5

    yeats +

    Life time

  • 600


    Cycle times

  • 7


    Charging time

  • 170


    18650 cells

  • 3.5


    Fast charging time

More sensitive on control response
FOC Vector controller 3.0

Precise contro, New torque loop, linear output of power Higher efficiency, more sensitive on control response.

Excellent performance
BOSCH high-performance power motor

Cooperate with BOSCH in developing the 12-inch
high-performance power motor,
peak torque 130N•m, climbing angle 14°, rev 620rpm,
strong output, quick acceleration, 40H high density
alnico, large climbing angle supported by strong torque,
energy-saving features with high efficiency.

Excellent safety and flexibility
Front/rear disc brake+EBS assistant system

Quick response, shorter braking distance
Re-cooperation, extend range.

  • 1.8

    Dry braking distance
  • 2.1

    Wet braking distance

* These data tested by rider with weight 70kg, at 20km/h.
Actual braking distance could be different with different speeds at different road conditions.